Rhythmic Asylum demo 2015

by Rhythmic Asylum

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released May 30, 2015

Recorded at Palmquist Studios by Raul "Riff Raff" Cuellar, 02/01/2015

On this recording is:

Gary Alvarez - vocals
Chris Coria - drums
Paulie Perez - bass
Eloy Ruiz - guitar

Front cover illustration by Gary Alvarez



all rights reserved


Rhythmic Asylum Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Working Class Hands
5 A.M., at the crack of dawn
Gotta catch the, the morning bus
Another mindless day at the factory
'Cause I didn't have many opportunities
The scrapes, the scars, the skin that's coarse
These are my, my working class hands

Washing dishes, overbearing soap
There's no clock or radio to cope
Scrubbing to provide for my family
'Cause I didn't have many opportunities
The scrapes, the scars, the skin that's coarse
These are my, my working class hands

Financial mobility, sardonically so out of reach
Perpetual poverty due to elitist policies
No child left behind, pointless tests were standardized
Public schools with wasted time - the underfunded youth, Pariah

U.S. policy appeases the symptoms of failure
But ignores the root of the problem
Structural inequality

Danish flexicurity - employment stability
Ensured social security, no struggle for meals to eat
Labor market's regulated, unemployed get education
The U.S. creates alienation, resulting in incarcerations
Track Name: Unwelcome Guests
Neighborhoods once low in value
Restructured for returns in profit
Cute new vintage businesses
In an effort to increase tax bases
Cost of renting maximizes
Due to the decline in crime
Garbage magically disposed of
Police patrolling all the time

Highland Park, Boyle Heights, and Echo Park

Native residents now displaced
Unjustly profiled by their race
Gentrifiers hate our culture
File another noise complaint
Pushing out the working class
While complaining about the homelessness
Neveau Riche? We were here first
Scared to be placed in a hearse

Mad dogged, you're unwelcome guests
Are you feeling the discomfort? Guess who feels worse
If I smashed your beloved personal property
Your new Bohemian lifestyle still has viler effects on me

Long live the memory of Alejandro Nieto, executed by the S.F.P.D.
For wearing his on-duty taser in a gentrified neighborhood